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Sorry, we no longer sell goldfish or axolotls.

At Bullswool Farm Park we have range of goldfish, bowls, aquatic plants, and supplies.

We also have many years of experience in breeding, caring for, and raising many different types of aquatic animals. For the right goldfish setup, and expert advise on how to care for your goldfish, visit us.


Click here to download our
Goldfish Care Fact Sheet

Click here to download our
Care Fact Sheet

For sale:
Comets $5.00
Shubunkins $6.00
Nymphs $6.00
Red Fans $9.00
Calico Fans $9.00
Bronze Fans $4.00
Red Globes $9.00
Chocolate Fans $9.00
Black Moors $9.00
Oranda Nymph $10.00
Breeder Size
Comets $40.00
Celestial $50.00
Oranda Nymph $60.00
Waterlilys $12.00
Irises $10.00
Japanese Rush $1.00
Oxygen Weed per bunch $2.00/per bag $5.00
Trumpet $1.00
Apple $1.50

Bullswool Farm
is the home of New Zealand's largest commercial axolotl breeding operation.

<< An Axolotl

The huge demand for axolotls is a continuing surprise to Keith Austen, Bullswool's owner. 

He can only contribute their popularity to the fact that they are good for their owners' self esteem.  As Keith sees it, "No matter how unattractive and out-of-sorts you may feel, you can always look at your axolotl, and somehow feel reassured that, by comparison, you don't really have it all that bad."

If you feel that your life would be enhanced by the addition of an axolotl, they are available at Bullswool Farm from $20.00 each (although stocks are sometimes low - it pays to ring first if you are making a special trip).  A range of tanks and bowls are also for sale, along with full instructions on how to take good care of an axolotl... HOWEVER, for the axolotl loving and owning die-hards who turn up wanting a guided tour of our ponds, while both the we and the axolotls are flattered by your interest, the bottom-dwelling habits of axolotls means they are not visable in the breeding ponds, and as much fun as it is spending an afternoon poking around in ponds trying to locate them, and explaining the reproductive quirks, we really do not have time for such things, and this is not a service we offer.


Six Completely Useless Facts
About Axolotls:

  1. Axolotls are still in their larval state. In their mature state they become Tiger Salamanders - just as tadpoles are larvae, which then mature into frogs. Axolotls very rarely become Tiger Salamanders. Tiger Salamanders are known to be even more ugly and boring than axolotls.
  2. Axolotls are one of the only animals in the world who are able to breed in their larval state.
  3. If a axolotl eats the feet and legs of another axolotl, they will grow back again. This handy skill helps axolotls survive when food is scarce. 
  4. Axolotls breathe through their gills, and cannot survive on land.
  5. Axolotls don’t have teeth, and being bitten by one is like being nibbled by a sponge.
    They are eaten in Mexico.
    (Please do not ask us what axolotls taste like, we have not tried the


Red Fans


Black Moor

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